Yell Less Love More Review: Why I Love The Orange Rhino’s New Book

I received an advanced copy of the book Yell Less Love More: How the Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids and How You Can Too! in order to make this review possible. My opinions are 100% my own and I was planning to buy the book anyway.

This occasional Monday post is becoming my place to share personal stories about becoming the mom I want to be. I strive to be mindful, intentional and proactive, not a frazzled hot mess who lets my kids push my buttons. Just like life, finding your “Mom Voice”, discovering your calm and happy place, learning how to take care of you AND your family at the same time…. It’s all a journey with hills and valleys.

Yell Less Love More: How the Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids and How You Can Too! Review

Last Monday I tried to write about a sort of “out of body experience*” I had at the Chick-fil-a play area when I was out with just my younger son on a particularly good day. A mom with two young kids, obviously frazzled, kept unconvincingly telling her kids she would leave them there if they didn’t get ready to go and I saw myself back when the kids were younger and pulling me in 100 directions. I tried to tell that story but I felt I needed to give the whole back story about a valley I’ve been traveling through on my parenting journey. A valley that unfortunately involves a lot of yelling at my kids.

You see, having two kids hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be and if I’m being completely honest, that made me angry. I started yelling at my kids because my usual tactics of distraction just didn’t work anymore. My husband was working second shift, so I didn’t have much of a break at the time and man, those boys sure do know how to push my buttons. The more I yelled, the less they listened and the situation got worse.

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I think I’m in a better, less frazzled place than I was when the kids were smaller and it feels good, like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Watching that mom at Chick-fil-A made me realize that a lot of times I react for things that aren’t really that big of a deal. Maybe I feel like I can bring my A game easier with only 1 kid.  Who knows. But thanks to this book I feel like I’m ready to give not yelling for 365 another try. Today is my Day 1.

If you yell at your kids, if you’re struggling with yelling, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for you too and you’re not traveling alone. You can learn how to yell less and love more thanks to Sheila McCraith, aka The Orange Rhino, and her brand new, completely awesome book called, “Yell Less Love More: How the Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids and How You Can Too!”
*Turns out in Chapter 5, Day 18, the Orange Rhino talks about her Out-of-body experiences too. I’m telling you, she’s in my head.

Here are My Thoughts on Yell Less Love More by Sheila McCraith (aka The Orange Rhino)

I’m really impressed with the book and grateful to Sheila for sharing her stories and struggles so honestly. There were so many times I was like- “Oh wow! Me too!” while I was reading. Especially the part about being so overwhelmed you do nothing- I’ve felt like that a lot in the last few years. If you feel that way too, don’t worry. The book gives you plenty of revelations, tips and actions to help you achieve your goals.

The best part of the book was that it felt like she was writing to me, as a friend. Sheila isn’t a parenting “expert” any more than the next mom. Yes, she has 4 boys, which alone makes her highly qualified to write on the topic. But she doesn’t write as an expert and the book never seems “judgy”. It’s real. She tells you the whole story, even the parts that make her uncomfortable. It’s that rare, raw honesty and her admission that what’s she’s telling you is making her uncomfortable and embarrassed that really drives home the lessons.

As I read I took notes about what I loved about the book. I took a lot of notes, but here are a few of the reasons I love the book and I think you will too.

Why I love Yell Less Love More by Sheila McCraith

• Yelling is a tough, emotional, exhausting problem that is not fun to talk about or solve. This book makes it fun.
• Everyone needs a cheerleader sometimes and Sheila is a great one! Her positivity really is contagious.
• Sheila’s story is honest and real. She tells you more than once that she failed and had to restart the challenge to not yell at her kids for 365 days.
• She also tells you why she failed each time and what she learned to be more successful on the next try.
• She includes a bazillion quotes and they all drive home her key points brilliantly. (Who doesn’t love a great motivational quote?)
• Yes, she tells her story and her epiphanies which you can take and learn from, but she never claims that every one of her solutions will work for you. She never makes any guarantees or promises like a “judgy expert” would. She tells it to you like it is- you have to do your own work, even if that work is hard.
• She even tells you why you should want to be an Orange Rhino and the unexpected benefits she’s seen on her journey.
• Did I mention that the book is fun and colorful, includes real pictures of Sheila and her family, and even has an Orange Rhino you can cut out and give to your kids to wave at you when you need a reminder? Yes, it has all of that too.
If you’re convinced, go now and order your copy of Yell Less, Love More on Amazon.

But I have no time to read or why do I need another parenting book collecting dust on my shelf?
This book is user friendly and designed for Moms like you. No, really it is.
• It can be read one day at a time. There are 30 days, plus a chapter for Beyond Day 30 so you can get to 365 Days without yelling.
• You could read one chapter at a time. Each chapter includes several days.
• You could skip to the end and just read the Summary of Key Points.
• You could just read the Revelations, Actions, and Tips at the end of each day.
• You could pull it out when you need an inspirational quote. There are tons throughout the book.
• You can write in it as you go along.
• You can use it to get started tracking your triggers.
I’m also starting AGAIN at Day 1 to stop yelling at my kids. If you want to join me and learn more about The Orange Rhino Challenge go check out The Orange Rhino Blog. There are tons of resources there, including a private community and an app.

Ready to get started. Be brave and share your “Uh oh I need to Change” moment in the comments below.

In full disclosure, I received a free advanced copy of the book to make this review possible.